About Us

Why Pilot Training America?

Because we share the same passion!

It’s all about flying. We are not treating you just as a client! Since we are sharing same passion about flying we see you as a member of a sky lovers community.

We live flying, we breath flying, for our family flying is opportunity to take life in our hands and fly free like a bird but knowledgeable.

Fred, Christina and Vinny invited instructors to share their knowledge with students willing to become members of the flying family. They all came from different industries, banking, real estate and family business, but they shared same dream and same love.

We are your fast track to becoming a professional pilot

Pilot Training America is there to make your childhood dream come true! If you love all about flying and if this was your desire since you had your first flight and realized that’s your future profession, or you just saw your favorite actor in a role of a pilot, than you are more than welcome at PTA.

We welcome domestic and foreign students.

Diversity makes our school to stand out.

With 150.000 flying hours of collective experience under our wings, we believe that we have a lot to share with you.

Listen to our story: