Discovery Flight

Interested in learning to fly? Then a discovery flight is your point of entry!

A Discovery Flight is “Lesson One” for either the Recreational, Private or Commercial Pilot License. It is designed to show you that YOU can fly an airplane (with an experienced instructor at your side); an introduction to our flight training process, to meet the staff and tour our flight school.

Your Discovery flight will start with a preflight briefing in our class room. Your instructor will explain exactly what you can expect on your first flight lesson.  He or she will review your aircraft, the area weather and the plan for your flight. After answering your questions, you and your instructor will complete a pre-flight inspection of your aircraft together, and then off you go.

NOW IT’S TIME TO FLY! From the pilot’s seat you will perform the checklist, startup procedures and after a short demonstration, will taxi the aircraft to the runway. You will now contact the tower and receive your take off clearance. You will execute your first take off, and once airborne, you will do most of the flying; learning how to turn, climb, descend, and slow down/speed up: generally learning to feel your airplane. You will be surprised how easy it really is and how awesome it feels to be flying. After rejoining the pattern, you and your instructor will land the aircraft.

You will clear the runway and contact ground control to receive your taxiing instructions; and you will respond (remember, an experienced instructor is by your side).  You will find your parking spot, shut down your engine and then its back to the classroom to be debriefed by your instructor, and have your first instructional flight logged in your log book.  CONGRATULATIONS!

A discovery flight usually takes an hour to complete including the 30 min flight.

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