ME-IR-H training

The ME-IR training is suitable for every pilot who has a CPL-H-IR certificate. The training exists of a theoretical part and of a number of hours spend on the simulator and of flying the actual craft. After this course you will take the exam. After this training you are qualified to fly in weather conditions with poor visibility.

What does ME-IR-H stand for?

ME-IR is the abbreviation for Multi Engine Instrument Rating. This is a training for a twin engine helicopter.

Purpose of the ME-IR training

Just like SE-IR, the ME-IR rating is an extra notification on your license. You are allowed to fly under Instrument Rules (IR) as Pilot In Command.

This means in clouds with bad visibility. Something that is absolutely not allowed and irresponsable with VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flights.
The big difference between IR and VFR is that with an IR license in most cases you can carry on flying with one engine (solo engine) if the other engine fails.
These pilots are able to multitask, meaning they can solve a problem and keep in control of the aircraft at the same time.

 Added value for pilots

With an ME-IR rating you are more employable. Nowadays all operating companies at sea ask for a twin engine instrument rating as the helicopters they use all have two engines.

For whom is the ME-IR training?

Anyone having a CPL-H-IR theory certificate may participate in the ME-IR training.