Multiengine Rating

Ready to make the step up from single-engine aircraft to multiengine aircraft? If you are a private or commercial pilot, you can earn your add-on Airplane Multiengine Land (MEL) rating through Pilot Training America.

If you are a private or commercial pilot, and you are also proficient in flying complex aircraft, a multiengine rating can typically be earned in 8 to 15 hours of flight training. An FAA written test is not required if you’re adding the rating on to an existing certificate.

The multiengine rating allows you to act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of a multiengine aircraft, provided you meet the insurance company’s requirements for the airplane. There are several benefits to flying multiengine aircraft. Typically, you can fly faster, farther, and higher in multiengine airplanes, and often carry more passengers or cargo. In many cases, a twin-engine airplane offers safety advantages over a single-engine airplane; for example, night flying, hazardous terrain, and overwater operations. A multiengine rating is a step toward flying professionally for airlines and charter operators.